Iwi’s services

Buildings & Spaces

We work with building owners and organisations to make the most out of empty and unused buildings. Creating income while sustainably adding value to the city of Utrecht. Matching viable small businesses, designing tailor made concepts to suit your room or building. We offer management of renters, facilitaire, programming and promotion as optional extras. Contact us today to arrange a consult to discuss the viability of your space. No time to loose? Check out our pricing structure and then fill out our location submission form which gives us all the information we need to make the next steps and get your building filled.


Searching for a new flexplek, office, atelier or something else entirely? We offer renters a wide variety of spaces and renting options through our collaboration with some truly awesome locations in Utrecht. Meet us and talk through the options or check out our location search page. Check out our renters information page. Not all locations are posted here due to the sensitivity of some locations and the need for staying offline. Its well worth contacting us if you don’t find what you are looking for. Reserve a space by filling out the reservation form by each location or click here.

Become more rentable

With years of experience with a wide variety of renters we know what they are looking for, what makes the difference between another location and renting yours. This can be anything from setup, decoration to creation of extra services or facilities that bring extra value and in the end generate more returning renters. Get in touch today for a consult.

Sustainable promise

Iwi has a Sustainable promise and is built on policies that impact the people, profit and planet. Click here to read more.