BUILDING OWNERS: Building Management

Iwi facilitates space for culture and social related activities that grow community and sustainability in the region of Utrecht. We Offer building owners the opportunity to fill their buildings with a plan that is tailor made to the owners needs, the building and the authorized use.  Your space is protected against squatters, you have the opportunity to earn from having people rent your building and you support the growth of culture and small business here in Utrecht. This is also the case for buildings that are underused or where there is a room available to be rented out to the right person for your business.

Building management options:

  • Empty buildings – Tailor made plan for the use and rental of a completely empty building. Short and long term rentals are possible.
  • Partially empty building or rooms within you business location – Renters and a supporting setup can be found for making use of underused spaces. We match renters with locations for a win = win situation.
  • Pop up stores – We match renters with building owners for a temporary rental situation but try to give a setup where if a Zzp’er has the right support they might be in the situation to rent longer term at the going rate. This is a great option for locations that are harder to rent out and take longer to find suitable renters. Temporary renters bring a new vibe to a place and new crowds of people who are potential long term renters for the future.
  • Finding renters for your property with our matching service – Iwi is well connected with a large network of people searching for space. Over the years we have build up a good knowledge of more unusual ways to find appropriate renters for a location. If you have a place you want to rent as housing or business premises then contact us. Reach a different crowd to that of the main stream realestate agents. This option works on commission basis, with you contact we will create a proposal for how to proceed.
  • Renters management – Don’t want the hassle of managing your renters? Iwi can take on the job of organisation and day to day communication with your renters so you don’t have to.
  • Collaboration with real estate agents, Leegstaanbeheer organisations and others who would like to have their buildings filled.
  • Bookings management – In businesses where the rental of a dance studio or meeting places is a secondary activity, its often that the organisation of this is more hassle than normal. Iwi brings a lot of experience in renting out spaces and can help your organisation by taking on the management of your rentals. We have a great booking system online, good support system for communications across different platforms like whatsapp, facebook, email, telefoon,

Benefits for the owner of the building:

  • Stops squatters, thieves and vandalism of the property.
  • It prevents possible delays to projects. We can also help to let surveyors and trade people in to prepare for building work if this is planned.
  • We make our fees with the renting out of the space. We project manage in such a way there are no costs for the owner and a monthly income is possible. These depend of the type of building, expenses and how long term the building is.
  • You get to avoid the costs of having an empty building, including taxes relevant for buildings that stay empty for a longer time (6+months).
  • You have a free key management and someone who can help in the case of lost keys.
  • We organize all the communications, check payments and sort contracts so there is no work for the owner to have people within their building.

Contact us for more information and how we can proceed with any of the above possibilities.

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