Matching Service: renters and buildings

Through our various services we have grown and continue to develop a varied portfolio of buildings and searching renters.

For building owners its possible to have us actively search for viable renters for you space. We can manage viewings of the property, sort contracts, manage renters once they are found and any combination in between. We ask for a combination of commission and monthly income as payment and these depend on which services are wanted by the owner. Every situation is different and we offer a consultation to create a tailor made option that takes all the important information, the owners wishes and requirements of the building into account.

For renters we ask that you fill in our location search form which asks for all the relevant information we need to match you with a space. Mostly we can house many different types of renter, but in the cases this is not possible we offer a consult to give information about how you can take the next step further to a work or living space.

Contact us for more information about this service.