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Iwi rental services explained

Basic offer to organisations for the regulation of the rentals, realisation of rental possibilities and facilitaire tasks that are connected. We have four services we offer. See below for details of each and feel free to make an appointment to discuss any of these in detail.

Option 1: Simple rental of your space: we ask to have access to the availability of your space for quick response to possible clients who might like to book. We make the booking for 15% commission of the total rental price whether one off or a regular booking. After the booking is made your organisation is responsible for further organising and completing the rental including finance. We will send you an invoice at the end of each month. This includes catering, cleaning and any other requests asked during the reservation of the space by our new client. We will lay the ground work and possibility of your space down in a contract which will govern exactly what we can and cannot organise and what/how things will be handed over to you. You will automatically be placed on Iwi’s rentals website, have a mention in our community website, Instagram, twitter and Facebook page, along with a number of crucial sites for space rental in Utrecht. Suitable: for those who already have a rental system in place and would like extra bookings.

Option 2: Complete rental organisation (commission based): We organise a reservation from the beginning until the end including the reservation itself and the communication involved, catering orders, cleaners, completing the invoice to the client and collecting their payment. We will create a number of accounts to promote your spaces and place you inside our own accounts for other paid options where theres no extra cost for you. We will do regular promotion of your site on our social media and be proactive to build a good and steady client base who use your spaces. We will send you a monthly update about the earnings for that month and your accountant can send us an invoice for the total due amount. Suitable for individuals and organisations that don’t have time or a system in place for dealing with rentals.

Option 3: Complete rental organisation(set number of hours in the week): This is the same as option 2 apart from the way the payment is organised. The commission is 25 – 30% depending on your current situation and the investment for Iwi. Suitable for clients who either like us to completely organise their rentals or who have already made use of option two and have built up enough clients that its cheaper to have a number of set hours than to have work done on commission.

Option 4: Space setup for greater rent ability: We know our market and renters, so we offer this at the beginning of a partnership and as an option that can be asked for at any point thereafter. Our team has a lot of experience with what clients need in order to rent a space and the facilities that make a difference between them renting with you or a competitor. We also take care of licenses and other regulations that are important to making a good and lasting working relationship. Suitable: for any organisation that would like help to become more rent-able. It includes a budget and luxe level of investment to create a space that can earn you money.

Make an appointment today to discuss any of these options above. Check out www.Iwi.rentals that will be launched on 30 May. The actual locations are still being built and we have put a couple of test location to give a true feel for how your listing will look. We are only allowing Utrecht based companies to join and a maximum of 4 of the same type of space in some cases 5 with the popular uses that need more availability. We reserve the right to change this policy at anytime, and any changes will be based on growing the rentals for all our current clients. Sometimes rentals won’t be going so well for a client and then we would like to meet in person to talk over what can be done to improve this. We are meticulous with our communication with clients and can often give more insight to why they rent or don’t rent. In any case we want to grow a lively and buzzing rental platform together with you, while your organisation has extra income, proactive promotion is taking place to not only fill spaces but get your brand known.