RENTERS: Our spaces explained

Iwi creatively makes many different types of spaces available to renters in Utrecht. Everything ranging from Buurtcentra to temporary rental and dance studios. With a growing number of collaborations we also offer spaces that facilitate a specific purpose or project, you are welcomed in to bring more to what we are already organizing. Contact us with your questions about how to become a renter or send us a tip about the possibly next fabulous place Iwi can bring to you. You can find all our available ( advertisable ) spaces on the search page.


Types of space:

  • Per hour / day part rentals
  • Per month – long term contract with stop time of 3 or 6 months.
  • Per month – Short term / temporary contract with a stopping time of 1 month.
  • Flexible working spaces
  • Project spaces – IWI:food is coming soon with possibilities for foodie Zzp’ers to join a buzzing location.

Search our spaces and check out the type of rental possible in the Location write up and information.

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