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Would you like to promote your location here on our website. We are a little different to a regular booking site. We want to promote Utrecht based organisations who have locations to rent but often too small to get good visibility. Iwi has a strong sustainable drive to promote local, empty or underused rooms and buildings. Are you a small, social enterprise or organisation searching to give value to your community? Then fill out the form below. It takes five minutes and gives us all the information needed to come back to you with a personalized collaboration offer. Do you have specific wishes or your building has certain restrictions then put these below. Need help getting your location up to scratch and not only this but improve its rent-ability? We offer this service too. Contact us.

Iwi is more than simply a rental site. We have an active community of renters, collaborators and social projects of our own. Check out for articles and news from Iwi.

Iwi rentals is the home of all things physical spaces including our services for small and large organisations alike. These include services directly for building owners with the finding of renters, renter management and other related services like organisation of security and facilitaire tasks. In hard to fill locations we also can help to connect you with possible businesses to rent the space.

Organisations needing help with room rental and facilitaire organisation and last but not least support for small and growing businesses. This comes in the form of advice on business structure, designing core processes and defining the lean goals of an individual or organisation.

Renters needing spaces should check out our location search page or get in contact directly. Check out our spaces explained article for more information. We have many locations we can’t advertise due to anti squat security. Its well worth contacting us with your search. Services we offer are renting out of a wide variety of spaces, connecting you to our current portfolio. We also offer a Free consultation where you can orientate yourself in the possibility of a work location in Utrecht. If you decide to continue we will actively send options for spaces and ask a commission for this.

Community building and sustainability principles sit at the heart of all our products and services.